Rob is a long-time advocate of animal rights and despises any animal mistreatment. He has 4 pet rabbits and loves them all dearly. To treat rabbits properly is to care for them deeply!
How High Can Rabbits Jump

How High Can Rabbits Jump?

Rabbits are known for their athletic abilities, and one of the things they’re most famous for is their jumping prowess. But just how high can rabbits jump? It turns out…

Do Rabbits Sleep With Their Eyes Open

Do Rabbits Sleep With Their Eyes Open

Rabbits are often thought to be nocturnal animals because they are often seen running around at night. However, rabbits are actually crepuscular animals, which means that they are most active…

Do Rabbits Have Long Tails

Do Rabbits Have Long Tails?

Rabbits are adorable, beloved pets that come in many different shapes and sizes. One of the most distinguishing features of a rabbit is its long, furry tail. But do rabbits…

Do Rabbits Eat Insects

Do Rabbits Eat Insects?

Rabbits are often thought of as cute and cuddly animals, but they can also be quite voracious eaters. They are definitely herbivores, and typically eat a variety of fruits, vegetables,…

Do Cats Attack Rabbits

Do Cats Attack Rabbits?

You may have a cat and a rabbit as pets, or you may be considering getting both. Perhaps you’re even looking to get one as a “starter pet” for your…

Can rabbits eat toilet paper

Can Rabbits Eat Toilet Paper?

Most people know that rabbits are fond of chewing on things. Carrots aren’t the only things on their menu – they’ll also nibble on everything from furniture to electrical cords….

Can rabbits eat Zucchini

Can Rabbits Eat Zucchini?

As a responsible rabbit owner knows, these furry creatures have very specific dietary needs. In addition to hay and pellets, rabbits require a daily source of fresh vegetables in order to…

Can Rabbits Eat Yogurt

Can Rabbits Eat Yogurt?

A lot of people think that giving their pets human food is a bad idea, but the truth is that some human foods can actually be really good for them!…

Can Rabbits Eat Wheatgrass

Can Rabbits Eat Wheatgrass?

If you are a rabbit owner or considering becoming one, then it is important to know what kinds of foods are safe for your bunny to eat. This includes both…

Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon

Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon?

Rabbits are often thought of as small, timid creatures that spend their days munching on carrots and lettuce. However, these furry little animals are actually quite versatile when it comes…