Can Rabbits Eat Corn as Part of a Balanced Diet

  • By: Rob Jones
  • Date: July 28, 2022
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You may have seen rabbits munching on corn in pet stores or zoos, but does that mean that it’s safe for them to eat in the wild? Can rabbits eat corn as part of a balanced diet?

Rabbits should not be fed corn or any other forms of corn, including the husk. Corn is a highly starchy food that is not ideal for rabbits. It will give them digestion issues if they do eat it. although small amounts may cause no hard, it’s best to stay clear of corn altogether.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at whether or not rabbits can eat corn and other parts of the corn ear. Keep reading to learn what you need.

Can Rabbits Eat Corn

Rabbits shouldn’t be given corn in any form because it can cause digestive issues. Some parts of corn can also be toxic to rabbits so it’s best to keep them off a diet of corn.

Parts of core rabbits are unable to digest and if a rabbit is having digestion issues it can pose problems for its health, so it’s always best to play it safe and avoid feeding your bunny corn.

This is even documented in the National Library of Medician, where they state that the size and shape of sweet corn can block the small intestine.

two bunnies eating corn

As well as corn, corn husks should also not be fed to rabbits for some of the same reasons the stringy elements are difficult for the rabbit to chew and therefore it may choke if it starts to try and eat it.

A lot of “safe for rabbits” food and treats will have corn or corn husks and this is misleading and if possible avoided in a rabbits diet. Corn is not the only food that they shouldn’t eat, rabbits should not eat honey too

So, next time someone says, “my rabbits like corn” or “can i feed my rabbit corn?” You now know the answer, despite what you may hear elsewhere.

Can rabbits eat corn on the cob

No, rabbits should not eat corn on the cob. Corn is a starchy food that does not sit well with a rabbit’s digestion.

If a rabbit was to eat a small amount of corn on the cob then chances are it will be fine, but i simply is not worth taking that risk, especially when nutritional treats are so readily available.

Try giving your rabbit asparagus as this is a much healthier food for rabbits than corn on the cob. Rabbits love to eat cabbage, too and this is another treat that is easy to come by and feed to your rabbit – so stop giving your rabbit corn.

Can rabbits eat corn husks

Corn husks are the dry, outer part of the ear of corn, and should not be fed to rabbits. Rabbits are not able to digest corn husks easily and they are full of starch Too much starch is bad for rabbits, so avoid feeding your bunny ear corn husks.

two rabbits eating corn on the cob

As mentioned above, the husks of corn are stringy. These corn Hair rabbits have a hard time being able to chew.

This may cause problems when they try to swallow, causing them to choke. So this is another reason to avoid giving your bunny corn treats.

Wrap up

So, can rabbits eat corn? Corn and corn husks should not be fed to rabbits because they are difficult for the bunny to digest, and may cause them to choke. As well, corn is a starchy food that is not good for rabbits. Stick to healthier vegetables and fruits for your rabbit’s snacks.

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Rob is a long-time advocate of animal rights and despises any animal mistreatment. He has 4 pet rabbits and loves them all dearly. To treat rabbits properly is to care for them deeply!

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