Do Rabbits Eat Worms?

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Rabbits are famously known for eating carrots and other vegetables but sometimes you may see them eating worms. So, do rabbits eat worms?

Most rabbits will not actively seek out worms to eat, but they may nibble on them if they happen to come across them in their food.

Worms such as mealworms and earthworms can be found in hay and other plant-based foods that rabbits eat.

In captivity, it is unlikely that a rabbit will need to look for worms as a source of food. A balanced diet of hay, vegetables, and other fresh foods can provide the protein and other nutrients needed to sustain a healthy rabbit.

In this article, we’ll look at whether or not it is safe for rabbits to eat worms.

Do Rabbits Eat Worms

Rabbits do not typically hunt or eat live worms on their own, but if given the opportunity they will likely take advantage of it.

They should only eat worms in small amounts, as too many can cause digestive issues and other health problems. Rabbits can eat cabbage as part of their diet to maintain their digestive health.

The worms that rabbits may encounter in their food are usually mealworms or earthworms. Mealworms are the larvae of the darkling beetle and are collected from compost piles.

Earthworms are slender cylindrical worms that live in the soil and come out after it rains when the ground is wet.

They are usually considered safe for rabbits to consume, though you may want to avoid worms from areas that are heavily sprayed with pesticides.

Rabbits should not be given processed or packaged worms, such as those found in pet stores. These can contain harmful additives or preservatives that can prove to be dangerous for your rabbit’s health.

Additionally, wild-caught worms could carry parasites that can harm your rabbit’s health if ingested.

Do Rabbits Like Worms

In general, rabbits are not particularly interested in eating worms. If they do eat them, it’s usually because they’re curious or attracted to the taste or smell of the worm.

In some cases, rabbits eat worms due to territorial instincts, as they may see the worms as a threat to their territory.

Or rabbits will eat worms out of boredom or for something to do. If your rabbit is particularly bored or lonely, it might find eating worms an enjoyable way to pass the time.

Overall, while rabbits can eat worms without any adverse effects, they don’t actively seek them out as food sources or snacks.

Therefore, if you have live worms in your yard or home, it’s best to keep your rabbits away from them to avoid any potential health risks.

Do Rabbits Like Mealworms

Some rabbits may enjoy eating mealworms, while others may not be interested in them at all. Whether or not your rabbit enjoys mealworms is largely up to their individual tastes and preferences.

As a food source, mealworms are an excellent source of protein and other essential nutrients for rabbits.


However, rabbits are unlikely to need mealworms as a primary source of nutrition, so it’s best to use them sparingly.

Rabbits digestive systems are very sensitive, so too many mealworms can cause digestive issues like diarrhea or constipation.

If your bunny shows some signs such as lethargy, vomiting or lack of appetite after eating mealworms, it’s best to stop giving them to your rabbit and consult with a vet.

If a Rabbits Eats Worms Will Get Sick

It is not likely that a rabbit will become ill from eating worms, but too many can cause digestive issues. Some worms may be carrying parasites that can be harmful to your rabbit’s health if ingested.

If rabbits eat worms in sparing amounts, the worms should pass through their digestive system without any issues.

The main concern with rabbits eating worms is that they could be consuming parasites, bacteria, and other pathogens. Dangerous parasites like pinworms and tapeworms can be found in some worms.

Pinworms are small, thin parasites that can cause itching around the anus and hair loss.

Tapeworms are long, flat worms that attach to the lining of the rabbit’s intestines and feed on their nutrients. Can cause weight loss, vomiting, and diarrhea.

How to Prevent Rabbit from Eating Worms

The best way to do this is to keep their hutch clean and free from potential sources of infection. Remove any uneaten food, and clean out the bedding regularly. You should also avoid letting your rabbit graze on grass that may have been contaminated with worm eggs.

You can also use a pest-control product to prevent worms from coming into contact with your rabbit. Be sure to choose an organic, pet-safe option that does not contain any harmful pesticides.

Finally, if you have a vegetable garden nearby, take extra precautions and keep the rabbits away from it. This will help further protect your bunny from ingesting worms.

What to do if My Rabbit Get Sick from Eating Worms

If you suspect your rabbit has worms, it’s best to take them to the vet as soon as possible. Your vet may recommend treating your rabbit for parasites or starting them on a course of antibiotics to ensure that any bacteria or pathogens have been killed.

Treatment also may include deworming medications, dietary changes, or other lifestyle modifications.

De-worming medications help flush out the worms and make sure that the rabbit is free of any remaining parasites.

Dietary changes may include adding more fiber or supplements to help support the digestive system and reduce gastrointestinal issues.

In addition, lifestyle modifications may include making sure your rabbit has plenty of space to exercise and play, as well as providing them with a safe environment that limits their exposure to worms.

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Wrap UP

Do rabbits eat worms? Some rabbits may accidentally eat worms while grazing on hay or other vegetation. Too many worms in a rabbit’s diet can lead to digestive problems or even an infection.

Make sure the food is free of worms and always provide fresh, clean water for your rabbit. A healthy diet and regular check-ups with your vet will keep your rabbit happy and healthy.

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